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Our Research

Welcome to the TBT Lab, BHU website 🙏🏻


We focus on exploring the role of various cellular and soluble factors in the growth and progression of cancer by giving a special emphasis on their involvement in supporting specific features to cancer cells, particularly reprogrammed tumor cell metabolism, tumor acidosis, chemoresistance, and immunosuppression. Our research team is also engaged in identifying novel therapeutic targets to develop highly effective and promising therapeutic regimens against cancer. The goal of our research is also to improve the therapeutic efficacy of the standard chemotherapeutic drugs.


We believe that collaboration and innovation are key to advancing the fight against cancer, and we are committed to working with the broader scientific community to achieve this goal. Thank you for visiting our website. Please go through our publications if wants to know about our research in detail.

Upcoming events from TBT Lab

International Symposium on
"Recent Advances In Disease Biology and Emerging Therapeutics' 2024"

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Latest Publications from Lab

Screenshot 2023-09-14 at 1.11.06 PM.png

The antagonist of β-adrenergic receptor propranolol inhibits T cell lymphoma growth and enhances antitumor efficacy of cisplatin in vivo: A role of modulated apoptosis, glucose metabolism, pH regulation, and antitumor immune response

Accumulating evidence has shown a vital role of stress-regulatory hormones, including epinephrine, in the progression of numerous cancers, including T cell lymphoma. Further, the antitumor and chemosensitizing potential of propranolol, an inexpensive β-adrenergic receptor antagonist has ...READ MORE

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